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Mauris Bhai Shoots Abhishek Ghosalkar: Shocking Incident Unfolds | Exclusive 2024

A startling event shook Mumbai today as Mauris Bhai fired shots at former corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar in Dahisar. The incident unfolded during a Facebook Live session where Mauris Bhai, also known as Morris Narona, fired at Ghosalkar, resulting in Ghosalkar’s tragic demise. The altercation, caught on camera, has left the public in shock.

What is real name of Mauris Bhai?

his real name is Mauris Noronha.

Who was Abhishek Ghosalkar?

Abhishek Ghosalkar, hailing from a politically influential family in Borivali, is the son of former MLA Vinod Ghosalkar and a prominent figure in the Kandarpada division of Mumbai. His wife, Tejaswini, also holds a position as a corporator.

Who was Mauris Bhai?

\Mauris Bhai, the social worker, also notorious for his criminal record including charges of rape and intimidation, had a longstanding feud with Ghosalkar over property disputes.

The tension between Ghosalkar and him escalated over time, leading to collaborative efforts portrayed on social media. Despite past conflicts, they appeared to reconcile during a Facebook Live session, discussing plans for social welfare activities like distributing essentials and organizing trips to Nashik. However, the conversation took a tragic turn when Mauris Bhai fired shots at Ghosalkar, ending the discussion abruptly.

The incident has sparked questions about the relationship between Ghosalkar and him and the underlying motives behind their sudden collaboration. Investigations are ongoing to uncover the truth behind this shocking turn of events.

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